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Libretto of El Nafas
by Tarik Benouarka



Opera by Tarik Benouarka, El Nafas is a tragedy, a spiritual and poetical work that explores the themes of fatality and the strength of human willpower, hope and love in the face of destiny.

Discover through the libretto, the epic breath of this ” Desert Symphony”

“When fatality strikes a family, a clan in this legendary desert, El Nafas, this invisible force and inspiration of the soul, inspires humankind in its fight against destiny. In this multi-dimensional world, the visible and the invisible combine and confront each other”


Price  : 8,00€






  • Format : 21×29.7cm
  • Paper weight : 80g
  • Number of pages : 66 pages
  • Laguages : French and Arabic
  • Libretto and Music : Tarik Benouarka
  • Arabic translation : Rima Sleiman
  • Dramatic support : Aline Souliers
  • Editor : Buzz prod
  • Production : 21-22

El Nafas is a tragedy, a spiritual and poetical work that explores the themes of fatality and the strengh of human willpower, hope and love in the face of destiny.

The story carries us back to a distant past, long before the great revelations, into the heart of a mysterious desert, the Land of the Breath, Bilâd El Nafas. Here, protected by a sanctuary of dunes, live the Free Men, a tribe of nomads in search of the absolute and the custodians of a unique source of wealth : the Science of Dreams, the source of spiritual journeys and transhumance. Tragedy and evil attempt to take over this sanctuary and one moonless night, they get their chance. Houria, great initiate, is walking in the immensity of the desert, nesting her new-born Selim. As she thinks she is being attacked by a man, she mortally wounds him. Her mistake is fatal : she has just killed her beloved spouse: Abel, the tribe chief. The ruthless Agar, promoted Master of Dreams on Abel’s death, sentences the poor woman to atone for her crime by abandoning her son to the unknown. Houria dies of grief and her spirit becomes prisoner of Agar’s accomplice, Mina , the Queen of Adramuth, land of woe, where souls make amends for their mistakes. But an Angel is watching, saves the child and entrusts him to Okba, the tribe guide, who has remained faithful to the infant’s parents. Selim grows up, guided by the benevolent force of El Nafas. Him only is the heir of the Spirit Journeys. And the son of El Nafas will not rest until his land, tribe and precious knowledge are saved and his mother freed from the torment of her soul.


Composer, poet, creator of shows and opera

“Embrace of classical music and arabic poetry”

French artist born in Algiers, Tarik Benouarka began learning music at the age of 4 before continuing his musical studies in Paris, wher he won a first prize for Instrument and Harmony.

Multi-instrumentalist (piano, oud and percussions), Tarik is passionate about many forms of contemporary music, collaborating with big names in cinema and entertainment ( Blain, Mugler, Beyonce, Higelin, Jacon…), developing through these experiences hios nown muisical colouts and forging his style and writing before addressing the art of drama writing and opera in which he expresses all his passions : Music, poetry and singing, dramaturgy and all the performing arts.

For more than a decade, he has been developing a repertoire of classical, lyrical; choral and instrumental compositions in which all his influences and inspirations are expressed, often intertwining East and West.

Some examples of his taest creations

-Days and Nights of the Heart Tree : opera-ballet
-El Nafas: Opera tragedy in arabic
-Sinbad, Son of the Wind : Opera for children in arabic
-Issue : ballet music by Eugénie Andrin
-The Wyld : musical by Thierry Mugler
-Narâm Legend: oratorio for organ
-Ramâd: Symphonic poems for piano and viola
-Silencio: Concerto for oboe and strings in E minor
-The Cantata for Three Voices by Paul Claudel: musical theater

Work in progress

-Djamila: Opera in 2 acts
-Qais Wa Leila: Arabic fresco, Opera

More information on Tarik Benouarka’s website

1- Prologue
2 – Opening
3 – The Abandonment
4 – The Death
5 – Adramuth
6 – Selim
7 – Okba
8 – The Inspired
9 – First Encounter
10 – Second Scansion
11 – I am the Caravan
12 – Abel
13 – The Pylons Room
14 – Houria
15 – The Spirits Gate
16 – Forgiveness

Additional information

Weight 400 g