Libretto of Days and Nights of the Heart Tree
by Tarik Benouarka



Opera-ballet by Tarik Benouarka, Days and Nights of the Heart Tree is a  legend full of hope, an ode to life.

Discover through the libretto, the story of Nour and Amal, two persons who will meet in the same dream. Then begins an imaginary travel to the sources of their inner self.

“There is only the heart that sees”


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  • Format : 21×29.7 cm
  • Paper weight : 80g
  • Number of pages : 55 pages
  • Languages : French and Arabic
  • Libretto and Music : Tarik Benouarka
  • Arabic translation : Racha Rizk
  • Editor : Buzz Prod
  • Production : 21-22

The Libretto : Everything begins with a dream… At the confines of space is an area of peace, fareaway sanctuary of a tree with extraordinary power : the Heart Tree. There, nights and days were waiting, sleeping until the majestic tree consented to bear a fruit…a heart-shaped fruit that could be taken by whoever could reach it. So, freed the big wheel resumed its mad rush. And that day came… Two beings came, flying on the wings of the same dream…they were called Nour and Amal and in that dream, they were two stars , survivors of a forgotten world. They wanted the Tree to share its treasure. The stars gave back then their eternity. They wanted to live… and taste, even for a few days and nights, the essential feelings associated with the beginning and end of things: the Emotions of Life.


Composer, poet, creator of shows and opera

“Embrace of classical music and arabic poetry”

French artist born in Algiers, Tarik Benouarka began learning music at the age of 4 before continuing his musical studies in Paris, where he won a first prize for Instrument and Harmony.

Multi-instrumentalist (piano, oud and percussions), he is passionate about many forms of contemporary music, collaborating with big names in cinema and entertainment ( Blain, Mugler, Beyonce, Higelin, Jacno…), developing through these experiences his own musical colours and forging his style and writinig, before addressing the art of drama writing and opera in which he expresses all his passions : music, poetry and singing, dramaturgy and all the performing arts.

For more than a decade , he has been developing a repertoire of classical, lyrical, choral and instrumental compositions in which all his influences and inspirations are expressed, often intertwining East and West.

Some examples of his latest creations

-Days and Nights of the Heart Tree : opera-ballet
-El Nafas: Opera tragedy in arabic
-Sinbad, Son of the Wind : Opera for children in arabic
-Issue : ballet music by Eugenie Andrin
-The Wyld : musical by Thierry Mugler
-Narâm Legend: oratorio for organ
-Ramâd: Symphonic poems for piano and viola
-Silencio: Concerto for oboe and strings in E minor
-Music creation of The Cantata for Three Voices by Paul Claudel, musical theater

Work in progress

-Djamila: Opera
-Qais Wa Leila: Arabic fresco, Opera

More information on Tarik Benouarka’s website

1 – Opening
2 – The Other World
3 – Far Away
4 – Soul Dance
5 – The Earth flies
6 – Lost Roads
7 – Neither Day nor Night
8 – The Muses
9 – The Moon
10 – The Waterfalls
11 – The Space
12 – A World called Valley
13 – The Twilight of the Water
14 – The Lightning A
15 – The Lightning B
16 – The Lightning C
17 – The Lyres A
18 – The Lyres B
19 – The Time
20 – The Sea of Constellations
21 – The Traveler
22 – Rainbow A
23 – Rainbow B
24 – The Question of Evil
25- The Cry A
26 – The Cry B
27 – The Land of the two Rivers
28 – Epilogue

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