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Sharing & Opening

21-22 is a committed cultural company.

Our ambition is to promote the iconic values of sharing and opening of our choice as an artistic entrepreneur and our ethics. We offer a large range of initiatives and quality events, particularly for youth, new audiences and to the territories or new cultural wastelands, in support or in collaboration with our sponsors or associations, institutions and that anywhere in the world.

These actions of openness, education and great music sharing can take many forms :
Music education
  • Awareness workshops in music, performing arts and scene professions
  • Master Class
  • Show Case and mini Concerts
Interactive or educational events
  • programs of discovery of works and repertoires
  • discovery programs of instruments (such as the Arab percussion.)
  • live rebroadcast of our shows to the general public via full air, movie theater, web or TV show…

Master class Algiers 2013

For the premiere of El Nafas, opera by Tarik Benouarka in April 2013, 400 children were gathered at the Opera of Algiers for a Master Class: an hour of music discovery, of the Orchestra, voices through small excerpts from the work, commented by the author himself.

Showcase Sofitel Algiers 2013

In partnership with our sponsor, the Sofitel Algiers, we gave on the eve of the premiere of El Nafas, Tarik Benouarka’s opera, a showcase with exclusive excerpts of the work preceded by a small string quartet concert.

Coaching Al Nour Wal Amal

During the creation of “Days and Nights of the Heart Tree” by T.Benouarka in Cairo – 2015

The creation of  “Days and Nights of the Heart Tree”, opera ballet by Tarik Benouarka, was accompanied by a collaborative project with El Nour Wal Amal, Orchestra of Egyptian blind women chosen for the premiere of the work at the Opera of Cairo, in the form of training workshops.

This professional coaching provided by a quality supervision and the composer Tarik Benouarka itself was intended to prepare this so special Orchestra to the scene, in the form of:

-programs of internships, workshops by desk and work of cohesion and sound of the Orchestra
-support of the Maestro in his preparation for the conduct of the work in the operation of the show