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Production and Diffusion of Musical & Cultural events.


The 21-22 production company, founded at the beginning of 2013, produces and distributes artistic musical events.

It stages all types of live shows and is present on the international scene with very high standards.
Its vocation is to highlight outstanding, talented, original works, to promote creation and emergence of new talents.


Chairman and Producer

Our shows

Opera, Oratorio, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Concert, Recital…we produce and diffuse musical works all over the world.


In the Name of the Father

Oratorio by Tarik Benouarka

Games & Mirrors

Piano Recital Concert with Louise Akili

El Nafas

Opera by Tarik Benouarka

Days and Nights of the Heart Tree

Opera by Tarik Benouarka

Narâm Legend

Oratorio by Tarik Benouarka

The Cantata for Three Voices

Musical theater by Tarik Benouarka


Lyrical poems by Tarik Benouarka

Our events

Passionate for all the arts and strong of our production experience, we offer various types of events: shows, exhibitions, installations, around various content including visual arts, fashion, digital arts, gastronomy...


We offer a catalogue of works: Operas, Concerts… Recorded in Studio or Live, available in CD or digital format in our shop and on the major platforms.

Sharing and opening

21-22 is a committed cultural company.

Our ambition is to promote the iconic values of sharing and opening of our choice as an artistic entrepreneur and our ethics. We offer a large range of initiatives and quality events, particularly for youth, new audiences and to the territories or new cultural wastelands, in support or in collaboration with our sponsors or associations, institutions and that anywhere in the world.

Contact us

21•22 Company

139 avenue de Wagram
750I7 Paris – France

Tel +33 (0)1 77 18 23 09

Anne-Charlotte Amory

Chairman and Producer

Mob +33 (0)6 11 95 46 45