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CD The Legend of Narâm
By Tarik Benouarka



Oratorio for Organ.

An original creation with a universal tone bringing together classical music and lyrical singing in Arabic and Latin.
The Legend of Narâm is an hymn to difference, a call for tolerance composed for the organ, the instrument of accompaniment in both East and West. The moving story of Narâm, the passer and his muse, the lady of the Dawn. Complete strangers, they seek each other out and speak to each other through their songs, which echo beyond the void in a vibrant dialogue that gives the piece its richness and its sense of being both modern and timeless.

Organist : Christophe Guida ​- Soprano: Racha Rizk as Dawn – Tenor : Yanis Benabdallah as Narâm​ – Choir : Ensemble Sequentiae​ under the direction of Mathieu Bonnin​

Recording in Sacré Coeur Basilica in Marseille – May 2016

Price  : 14,99€


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  • Duration : Oratorio CD 66 mn
  • Libretto and Music : Tarik Benouarka
  • Arabic translation : Racha Rizk
  • Editor : Buzz Prod
  • Production : 21-22

The theme of the piece is Otherness. In forgotten times, lived a being whose voice was so beautiful that its sound gave birth to the Light. This being’s name was Narâm. He was the Passer, who had the strange power of being able to hold back the Abyss, the river that divided the world into two separate Lands. Narâm’s songs were carried on a wave by the clouds and a path of light appeared, which the people of the two Lands could use, for as long as the song lasted. But there was a price to pay for this miraculous power: Narâm great solitude. Until that dawn when another voice rose up in the distance, changing the Passer’s fate and turning him into a legend…

The author : Tarik Benouarka

Composer.Librettist.Spectacles and Opera Creator
“Embrace of classical music and arabic poetry”

Born in Algiers , with both arabic and french culture, he started music at the age of 4, influenced by his mother, a pianist who made him discover famous classical and arabic composers. After Agiers conservatoire, he completed his learning in France, Paris.

Multi-instrumentalist (piano, the arab lute and percussions instruments), Tarik will be passionate about all contemporary musical forms, building through his experiences his style and symphonist language before entering the opera world in which he expresses all his passions : Music, poetry, song, dramaturgy and all scenic arts.

Poet and playwright, his career is influenced by his double culture, both oriental and occidental that inspires his musical and artistic path.

Some creations examples

-Days and Nights of the Heart Tree : opera-ballet in arabic
-El Nafas: Opera tragedy in arabic in 2 acts and its oratorio version
-Sinbad, Son of the Wind : Opera for children in arabic
-Endless Story: Musical spectacle in english and arabic
-Music creation of The Wyld, musical show of Thierry Mugler for the Friedrish-Palast in Berlin
-Narâm Legend: oratorio for organ, 2 voices and a choir
-Ramâd: Lyrical poems for 2 pianos, a viola d’amore and a voice
-Silencio: Concerto for oboe and orchestra
-Music creation of The 3 Voices Cantata of Paul Claudel: musical theater

Work in progress

-Djamila: Opera in 2 acts
-Qais Wa Leila: Arabic fresco, Opera

More information on Tarik Benouarka’s website

0 – Opening
1 – Narâm, the Passer
2 – The Light Path
3 – The Echo
4 – The Princess or the two Lands Infanta
5 – The Secret
6 – The Conspiracy
7 – The Suitors
8 – From a Dream
9 – The Fall
10 – The Harmony Guardian
11 – The Judgement
12 – The Abyss
13 – The Exile
14 – From Light to Shadow
15 – The Sorrow of Water Flowers
16 – Corpus Animus Spiritus
17 – Tracere Canticis Amor
18 – End

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