El Nafas
by Tarik Benouarka


CD and DVD


Opera in arabic.
El Nafas is a symphonic merging of Arabian canto alto, its poetry and the profoundness of classical orchestra, personified in this “Desert Symphony”.


Pasdeloup Symphony Orchestra – Conductor : Philippe Hui – Solo violin : Arnaud Nuvolone – Soprani : Racha Rizk as Houria and Lara Elayyan as Mina – Tenor : Georges Wanis as Selim – Storyteller : Gaby Odeimi – Choir under the direction of Nayer Nagui, Cairo Opera conductor


Recording in Studios Davout, April 2014


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  • Duration : Oratorio CD : 60 mn and DVD : Studio Davout recording session teaser(5mn) - Work presentation - Algiers Opera premiere spectacle teaser ( 3mn)