The Nights and Days of the Heart Tree – The works



The works

Les Jours et les Nuits de l’Arbre Cœur:
(The Nights and Days of the Heart Tree)

  • – A short opera, a symphonic work;
  • – A lyrical, poetical, instrumental show of an hour and a half, staged and choreographed.

Written to be sung in Arabic, it associates:

  • – Classical music;
  • – Lyrical singing;
  • – Poetry;
  • – Dance.

by staging the symphony orchestra El Nour Wal Amal, an Egyptian orchestra of visually impaired women, two great Arabic voices, a narrator and a contemporary classic ballet company.

The work, dedicated by Tarik Benouarka to the musicians of El Nour Wal Amal, was born of an artistic and human encounter initiated by the patron of the orchestra, the Egyptian tenor Georges Wanis.

This work, whose orchestration was created specifically by the artist for these unique, touching and charismatic musicians, is a legend, tender and full of hope, that passionately evokes the love of life and the inner self… the intimate companion of each of us…

The El Nour Wal Amal Association (Light and Hope) a non profit organization, was founded in 1954 by late Istiklal Radi with the aim to create an environment where young visually impaired girls could develop their potential. To date, it has provided free education and vocational training to more than 300 visually impaired women.

The Music Institute was established in 1961 by the former Dean of the Conservatory of Cairo. It numbers 70 students including the 41 musicians of the symphonic orchestra with all 4 sections: strings, woodwind, brass and percussions. Special techniques and methods have been developed to enable these girls to perform without the need to read the notes and without the dependance on the "batin" of a conductor.
The orchestra has traveled around the world, visiting over 20 countries (Jordan 89,Koweit 90, Japan 94, EAU 95 and 2007... East Europe 2011, Germany 2013) presenting works from the classical Oriental and Occidental repertoire.

Les Jours et Nuits de l'Arbre Coeur - Audio trailer
El Nour Wal Amal orchestra presentation (on work music)
The Nights and Days of the Heart Tree - Teaser Choregraphy



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