EL NAFAS – Story



The theme

El Nafas is a tragedy, a spiritual and poetical work that explores the themes of fatality and the strength of human willpower, hope and love
in the face of destiny.

The story carries us back to a distant past, long before the great revelations, into the heart of a mysterious desert, the Land of the Breath,
Bilâd El Nafas. Here, protected by a sanctuary of dunes, live the Free Men, a tribe of nomads in search of the absolute and the custodians
of a unique source of wealth: the Science of Dreams, the source of spiritual journeys and transhumance.

The story

In the faraway land of El Nafas lives the Tribe of Free Men, high-ranking Sufis responsible for protecting the secret and richness of life: the science of dreams and journeys of the spirit.

Tragedy and evil attempt to take over this sanctuary offered up to noble spirituality. One moonless night, they get their chance. At the time, Houria, great initiate, married to the tribe’s most inspired wise man is walking in the immensity of the Western desert, nestling her new-born, Selim.
Caught off guard by a man, she thinks she is being attacked and mortally wounds him. Her mistake is fatal : she has just killed Abel, her beloved spouse. The ruthless Agar, promoted Master of dreams on Abel’s death, sentences the poor woman to atone for her crime by abandoning her son to the unknown. Houria dies of grief and her spirit becomes prisoner of Agar’s accomplice, Mina the Queen of Adramuth, land of woe, where souls make amends for their mistakes. Agar the traitor doesn’t stop there and takes advantage of his status to challenge the precious knowledge of the tribe… The science of dreams… Journeys of the spirit…

But an Angel is watching and saves the child, destined to become the heir to the secret of spirit journeys. The angel entrusts him to Okba, the tribe guide, who has remained faithful to the infant’s parents. Selim – whose name means purity and serenity – grows up and follows the path of his history, guided by the benevolent force of El Nafas. Until the day when Agar, corrupt servant and accomplice of evil, believing himself triumphant, sees his enemies’ child, Selim, arriving from the desert. The son of El Nafas will not rest until his land is saved and his mother freed from the torment of her soul.