The author

Tarik Benouarka is a rare musician who inhabits a universe that combines the many colours of East and West with a sensitivity, musicality and imagination perfectly expressed by his unique style.
His path is a humanistic, poetic and musical quest punctuated with lofty meetings and alliances that have shaped his world during a career composed of countless journeys, exemplary in its eclecticism and artistic wealth.

Born in Algiers, he embraced music at the age of 4 in Algeria, before continuing his professional education in France with the study of classical, Arabian and jazz music.
He completed his musical studies at the Evry Academy of Music near Paris where he was awarded first prize twice : instrument and harmonics. Very early on, he discovered the world of the studio and stage, making his first professional recordings and giving his first concerts at the age of 12. Barely 21, he was noticed by some of the great names in cinema and signed several beautiful film scores after which he produced hundreds of documentary and other soundtracks.
As a composer, musician and orchestrator, he has worked with the greatest stars of vocal art and entertainment, from jazz to classical music, and is now an internationally known figure in the world of musical and audiovisual production.

But he is first and foremost a creator, an inspired performer who carries within him a world that goes far beyond conventional borders, a world that he shares with passion.