EL NAFAS – Libretto & score




The libretto is a deeply symbolic and poetical ode.
On stage, the history unfolds in the mise-en-abyme created to expound the major universal themes personified in the opera.
The language of El Nafas is infinitely subtle, carved out of literary Arabic, the fruit of a semantically advanced collaboration and adaptation between the composer Tarik Benouarka and Ms Rima Sleiman, doctor of letters.

The score

The musical score reflects the meeting of two cultures with different yet complementary musical and cultural roots.
The result is a romantic, lyrical, melodic and tonal symphony that, scene by scene, provides the colourful bewitching setting for
the characters and melodies.

The opera consists of two 75-minute long acts, each with its own overture.
Act I introduces the framework of the story, the characters and the dramatic structure.
Act II continues the storyline with a tragic build-up from one scene to the next, until the dramatic breaking point is reached and
the last scene played out.