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First performance at the Algiers Opera

First performance of the work in the form of an oratorio at the Algiers Opera in April 2013.

El Nafas was performed for the first time on 14th April 2013 in the form of an oratorio concert at the National Theatre of Algiers, the artist’s birthplace, with the Pasdeloup Orchestra*, conducted by Pierre Dumoussaud, four world-class Arabian performers, including Lebanese opera singer Ghada Chbeir, Egyptian tenor Georges Wanis and Jordanian opera singer Lara Elayyan and the choir of the National Symphonic Orchestra of Algeria in a contemporary production.

Show excerpt Alger April 14, 2013
Slide-show Alger April 2013
Backstage Alger April 2013
El Nafas presentation
El Nafas premiere in Alger : Algeria press service documentary - April 15, 2013
El Nafas premiere in Alger : newscast - May 2, 2013

« A grandiose performance » Le jeune Indépendant

« In this opera everything combines so that the audience be transported with emotion » Liberté

« The work of a master goldsmith » El Watan

« An unique platform for dialogue between different cultures » Le soir d'Algérie

A tour is currently being prepared through the Middle East and the main musical venues in Europe and North Africa.

* State-approved orchestra, subsidised by the city of Paris with the backing of the department of cultural affairs.

Violon solo : Ryoko Yano