21 22


The 21-22 production company, founded at the beginning of 2013, produces and distributes artistic musical events. It stages all types of live shows and is present on the international scene.

 In addition to its creative choices and its vocation to highlight outstanding, talented, original works, 21-22 owes its uniqueness to its special connection with the world of industry.

It firmly believes that if they are to guarantee their sustainable development, companies must combine their financial targets (profitability) and social objective(employees) with a societal vision, that of making a meaningful contribution to society.
 The support of Art and Culture must become a major component of the contribution made by the corporate world and industry to the society in which they operate as well as a major tool for building a strong and lasting image in the eyes of their clients, employees, shareholders
and partners.

That is Soft Power’s leitmotiv: to convince rather than impose and transmit its basic beliefs and values through its association with culture, a powerful lever of influence today.

As a result, all the events produced by 21-22 will combine culture with the corporate and civil world.